One the most exciting units of study in my 5th grade classroom was our insect and butterfly unit. We didn't just study the body parts and learn about how the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, we searched in fields around the school for butterfly eggs, then we watched them emerge. We captured butterflies, tagged them, released them and submitted our data for research. One day we even met at the Fort Worth Wild Life Refuge during fall break (yes... on a school holiday) to be interviewed for a news piece. (The video below was captured from an old VHS tape so it is not the best quality.)

I was extremely surprised to get a call one day from the Instructional Technology department asking me if I would like to have an Internet connected Weatherbug weather station in our classroom. I asked what the catch was and what they would expect of me, but did say a resounding, "Yes!" Having a weather station in your classroom certainly makes learning about the weather more interesting. They moved my classroom so many times we finally decided to place it in the library, which gave everyone in the school more access to it. In September of 1996 we were featured on the news. 

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